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Flash movie: Photographic fine art for interior design & home and office décor from Jim Dines and Photocyclops offers you a unique collection of fine-art photographs from James Dines, available in formats ranging from 8" x 10" artist proofs up to large format 30" x 40" fine-art prints—the perfect solution for:

High-end home decorating
Showcase office décor
5-star hotel and resort decorating
Elegant wall displays
Collectors of fine-art photography
Collectors of investor-quality photography

Visionary art that speaks to the soul

Often seen in International magazines, Jim Dines' spectacular photos have been sold worldwide for more than 20 years.

The intuitive eye of Jim Dines sees life from a unique perspective.

By combining his inner passion for beauty with his extraordinary talent as a photographer, Jim has produced six stunning online art galleries of bold and awe-inspiring photos that have attracted collectors throughout the world: Scenics, Panoramics, Cityscapes and Architecture, Wildlife, Nature, and People in Nature.

Whether he’s confronting rampaging grizzly bears; wading into piranha-infested waters; staring into the eyes of a hungry cougar just feet away; or enduring torrents of rain, sleet and snow; Jim is driven by the prospect of creating some of the most memorable shots in photographic history.

Now, imagine having his fine-art photographs framed and hanging on the walls of your home or your office, or for presenting as a memorable gift.

Or, if you are an interior designer, architectural designer, corporate art buyer or hotel art buyer, imagine being able to select images from this exquisite collection for display on the walls throughout a hotel, airport, mall or other business complex.

In exploring this collection of more than 165 vivid photographic images, you’re likely to find many you’ll want to enhance your interior décor starting with these three breathtaking favorites.

A small sampling of the inspiring Jim Dines Collection

Golden Gate to Infinity

See the Golden Gate in a new way

While countless people have photographed the Golden Gate Bridge, none has created anything as spectacular as this. Dubbed his “signature photograph,” this image displays incredible fine-art detail as seen in the reflection of the cables on the water.

Be inspired by Arizona’s Slot Canyons

Jim visited Arizona’s famed Slot Canyons numerous times in order to pinpoint the perfect moment to catch this exactly vertical beam, which can only be seen a few days each year and, because the exposure time was limited to a few minutes, there was little room for error.

Slot Canyons at High Noon in Arizona
Slot Canyons at High Noon in Arizona
Take a leisurely stroll through
Muir Woods

Anyone who has been to Muir Woods knows how difficult it is to take a good picture, due to its unforgiving light conditions and busloads of tourists. On determining the most tranquil time to shoot, Jim tripped his shutter around 6:00 a.m. to expose the quiet magnificence of this hidden woodland path as the first light of day began to stream through the redwoods like liquid gold.

Please browse the entire
Jim Dines Collection

These are just a sample of the more than 165 images in the Jim Dines Collection. Each one was selected by Jim for its beauty and uniqueness. And each one is ready to take its place on the walls of your home or office or as part of your fine-art photography collection.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the online gallery and find yourself immersed in the beauty of the Jim Dines Collection.

Surreal Woodland Path, Muir Woods
Surreal Woodland Path, Muir Woods

For your home or office, large framed photography offers beautiful images to enjoy without the worry of burglary that comes with owning expensive artwork.

Jim's latest book of photographs is hot off the press!
Secrets of High States
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