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Meet Jim Dines offers you a unique collection of fine-art photographs from James Dines, available in formats ranging from 8" x 10" artist proofs up to large format 30" x 40" fine-art prints—the perfect solution for:

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Meet Jim Dines

As a child, Jim Dines was mesmerized by the idea that paper and chemicals could create a one-of-a-kind picture, a moment in time that if not captured would be lost forever. Since then, his sense of wonder has grown stronger with each passing year.

“I look for what hits me between the eyes.”
Jim Dines

A long-time resident of scenic San Francisco, Jim enthusiastically does whatever it takes to give life to what he sees in his mind’s eye. Never one to shy away from a photographic challenge, he travels far and wide to obtain spectacular images caught in precisely the right light.

While shooting in the Aleutian Islands west of Alaska, Jim inadvertently came face to face with a grizzly bear. He stood his ground and continued to click away as the bear finally turned and left, but that wasn’t the end of this hair-raising experience. Upon leaving the area, Jim heard a strange tapping sound as a large grizzly bear came out of nowhere and raced toward him. Unbelievably, the bear ran right Caymans in Amazon Riverpast him. However, his relief was short-lived as an even larger grizzly bear appeared, closing in on him at top speed. Fortunately, the bear seemed more interested in pursuing the other grizzly than in having Jim as an afternoon snack.

In his quest to snap a nighttime shot of a cayman, a close relative of the alligator, without using a flash in the Amazon jungle, Jim attempted to lure the reptile into view by throwing captured piranha into the river. Still not able to get close enough, he waded into the water to get a tight shot in spite of the danger. His daring efforts resulted in a magnificent image of the cayman’s two sets of teeth reflected in the night water.

I try to see what’s extraordinary in the world and capture it in a way that lets me bring it back to share with others.
Jim Dines

Jim has revisited some sites more than 70 times in search of ideal light conditions. In a remote region of the Arizona desert, he once hiked for miles with a Navajo guide at 3 a.m. to prepare for a series of phenomenal dawn shots. From braving swarms of mosquitoes to dangling from a doorless helicopter over Iguaçú Falls in Brazil, his passion for depicting beauty in nature knows few bounds.

As a result, while most photographers create images to share their individual perspective of the world around us, Jim’s photographs often transcend that and instead stimulate viewers to delve into their own personal meditations.

He is a member of the North American Nature Photography Association and the American Society of Media Photographers, and is a field contributor to magazines throughout the world. Jim’s photographs have been sold worldwide for more than 20 years through a stock photography agency, from his website and in his own gallery in Sausalito, California.

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